Welcome, Julie Lafontaine, Doula, and Healthy Living Ambassador!

Julie LaFontaine

Julie Lafontaine is a doula, mom of five, spouse, and an advocate for healthy living.  She has also been a foster mother, a 911 dispatcher, and a community services worker.  Most recently, Julie has given another family the opportunity to be parents by being their surrogate.

Knowing that work-family balance is a challenge for Julie, as it is for many of us, I am in awe to know someone who would give their body, their time, their love, and their energy in this way: what a privilege.  This is one more reason for me to be so excited about how Nurture Squared is connecting us with all sorts of amazing women.  I’ve known Julie a relatively short time, but feel she has a heart of gold.  I imagine she approaches her doula clients with the same calmness and joy that she gives to her own children and to life in general.

What has been (or is) a big hurdle for you, personally, in developing your business, and what has helped?

I lead a very full life.  I love my life deeply.  But my biggest hurdle is balancing giving my family and friends the attention that they deserve while giving my clients the care that they require.

What has helped is most certainly my relationship with my Creator. I have reconnected with Him in a deeper and more meaningful way since listening to an audio book this year. He helps keep me grounded, centered and connected. He gives me to the right people and steers me away from people that can be discouraging or hurtful. He also has been leading beautiful people into my life.

My deep relationship with my husband helps immensely. He is my biggest fan and greatest supporter. He encourages me daily and tells me how proud he is of me. He is very flexible and supportive by helping me pick up the pieces and fill in the gaps. He makes me laugh. Also, my children are great. They are so loving, caring and helpful. They love that Mommy is a Doula and get very excited when I leave for a birth.

I could not do what I do without my amazing work team. They are always there for me and are super encouraging. They know that I want lots of direction and constructive criticism and they are brave enough to give it me.  If ever I have to leave for a birth, they fill in the gaps for me, taking care of my responsibilities. I am able to really be myself with them and I am extremely blessed to have them.  I am becoming more brave and blossoming into a great leader in part because of their support.  I love working at both of my businesses because they are both rewarding and I love what I do.

What has been (or is) a big accomplishment for you, personally in your business?

I was promoted last month, after putting in much time and effort.

I know that this is just the beginning. This is going to be a very big year for me and my team and it gets me very excited.

What has been the single most helpful shift you’ve made to continue to feel your life at home still reflects your values and priorities?

I honestly feel like that shift has yet to come. I know that I need to find more balance. I need to get a schedule or routine going. I know that I am a good wife and Mom. I do my best. But I can’t really narrow down a shift.

I am ok with the fact that I know that change needs to come and that I am able and willing to do it. I am excited for that as well. I really do love change! I know that when we change, we can morph into more beautiful, and intentional  beings.

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